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*this is mainly a fangirling post sort of thing, but if it helps people get to know more about him I'm happy to help 8D*

So I'm planning a loooong multichap AU fic revolving entirely around either Yokoo/Iida or Fujigaya/Iida, because I'm actually that self-indulgent (I have no idea what the fic will be about, all I know is that KIYF will be featured heavily in it? 8D and also I suck at writing nisen and miyatama, but they will e in it too, of course, but the focus will primarily be on the older four)

And so, fic research; because only a rare handful of people actually knew Kyon when he was still in Johnnys - heck, even I myself didn't even know about him until late 2008/early 2009 - quite ironically, he was the first member of kisumai I actually noticed - which means that very little is known about his personality, character etc, only that he's supposedly Yokoo's other half before Fujigaya came into the picture.

Credit to enshinge and shatteredtenshi and everyone else who translated their old magazine articles and crosstalks, people who subbed or even just uploaded old junior videos, scans, etc <3 All these are bits and pieces gathered from everything I could find. I am NOT a creep, kay

And oh, if anyone's even keeping track of this post, I do come back occasionally to edit in more stuff here and there :3 maybe one day I'll even add in pictures.

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Because I had so much trouble trying to find proper downloads for their old stuff, not just rips from streaming sites u__u KAmiYU's TouriStar PV and Making of! More specifically it's the making of for the Road to Wonderland, which includes the shooting for the album cover and booklet. No scans I'm afraid, because I don't have a scanner.

If anyone wants the songs too, let me know! :3

TouriStar PV
Making of 001 002 003

Replace the .m4v.m4v with .m4v.001, join the split files with hjsplit.
Because (I KNOW I'm not the only one who thinks so, but including a picture under the cut anyway 8D) at one point, all four of Kis-My-Ft had nearly similar hair colours, and so, a few of us on twitter (conspiracy theories~) agreed that they either dyed their hair together, or bought hair dye in bulk.

... well this was going to be a proper fic, but there's only so much you can write about four boys dyeing their hair (no porn involved, yo) so here, have fragments of fic.

Characters: Kitayama, Yokoo, Fujigaya, Iida
Rating: Gen, but with a lot of insinuations to porn

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I feel like I should blame all the yokofuji I ever write on my tlist. Not that I ever write a lot of yokofuji, but this is one of those things.

vampire!Yokoo; yokofuji, with warnings for.. This might be consent play, and of course, vampire thingies.  

and maybe I should start tagging my fics one day, but it's not like I'll ever want to read them again

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Fic? :|

Title: ...?
Characters/Pairings: fujisen, yokofuji
Warnings: Extremely messed up, fic wrote itself halfway through, etc. Idk, but I apparently love torturing my favourite kisumai boys ._. And this might be part of my mini messed-up yokofuji fic series 8| Just posting this because I want to mess with people?

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I... don't even know. And don't ask, really. 

And also I disown this fic. I never wrote it. 

Characters: Yokoo/Fujigaya
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Biting and blood, and this is NOT a vampire fic :| 

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And because I want to do nano too, only that rl clearly hates me (because Nov-Dec are some of my busiest times of the year >_>) I decided instead of writing the 2000+ words per day people usually do, I'm going to do a minimum 300-500 words thing. Per week. Per fortnight if I'm too busy, and will skip it entirely when I have exams (which usually happens every other month or so)

Well... That's how the theory goes, at least *coughs* 

I have no idea what I would even write.

I have no idea why I'm even doing this. 

My tea is getting cold. 

Late summer quick and dirty pwp exchange: which still somehow reminds me of watermelons because watermelons are apparently a natural viagra \o/

For un_sanzo, who wanted Yokoo/Nikaido, something to do with their Gineiden stageplay, and Yokoo being DoS, but I'm pretty sure I suck at filling the prompt, so right after I post this I'm going to pretend that the internet doesn't exist and go do something else bed ._.

Other exchange fics: 

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Oh look it's a fic! :D/

Title: With Me
Characters: Tamamori, Miyata
Warnings: Angsty-ish? Too lazy to check what rating would be appropriate R...?
Summary: Tamamori doesn't want to wake up.
Author's Notes: Loads of poetic license taken here, because I'm too tired to go check up for more details on... um. And unbeta-ed, written really fast in under an hour, so point out any mistakes to me?

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[fanart] Senga

I've shown this to a few people before, but I've never actually posted it on lj, so here it is.

Reference photo from a Kisumai shop photo - I THINK? Can't be too sure, found it off Google images ages ago.

Pencil on paper (very lousy paper if I might add, art paper, but still not thick enough for proper sketching, so there are still some mistakes in here that I can't fix because the paper's worn too thin and I can't do anything without tearing it)

I'm a Science student, never had formal art classes so this is actually only my second attempt at sketching from a reference photo. First attempt was Wataru, and let's say that I absolutely suck at drawing him, I always mess up his eyes (he's also my third and fourth attempt, neither of which went well either)

And I don't even have a scanner (poor college student staying away from home, yo! o/) so here, have a photo :3

Edit: ... I think his face looks too fat :( I'll try better next time! :D

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